Gay Shorts II

Sleepover (Sova över)

Emil and Adam, two boys in their twenties, are best friends. After a night at the movies Emil is going to sleep over at Adam’s place. Emil wants Adam to be more than just his close friend. His feelings are going to be tested when they are sleeping in the same bed.

reż, scen: Jimi Vall Peterson, zdj: Sara Svärdsén, obs: Hjalmar Hardestam, Simon Eriksson, Szwecja 2018, 9′

The Commitment

Robert and Ethan are an interracial gay couple ready to adopt a baby together. After they meet a pregnant Asian woman, they receive a surprise that may have an impact on their relationship.

reż, scen: Albert M. Chan, zdj: Andrew Nalband, muz: Ryan Leach, obs: Albert M. Chan, Jason Lane Fenton, Mary Niederkorn, Kerri Patterson, Kanada/USA, 20′

The Marriage

Suso and Ricard are soon to be married. Their families are very excited about the ceremony. The only person, who doesn’t really know what Suso and Ricard are up to, is Suso’s grandmother. But she is invited anyways.

reż: Victor Quintero, Sergio Rey, scen: Sergio Rey, zdj: Pablo Colado, obs: Selica Torcal, Ruben Bernal, Juan Caballero, Resu Morales, Reme Gomez, Miriam Diaz-Aroca, Hiszpania 2017, 26′

Two Fish

Max just broke up with his girlfriend. He spends a hot summer day at the deserted campus swimming pool. His best friend Taylor who has just come back from Europe joins him at the pool. In the heat of the moment their friendship takes a new unexpected turn.

reż, scen: Antoine Dupont-Guerra, zdj: Cristina Guzmán, muz: Laurent Duparc, obs: Aurelio de Anda Jr., Jeremy Howard, USA 2017, 11′

Versatile (Versátil)

Alex and Hugo are a young couple who had been together for about six months. One Friday night at Alex’s place they talk about their sexual roles. What starts as a simple conversation finally becomes serious discussion about their relationship and their future together.

reż, scen: Carlos Ocho, obs: Christian Escudero, Eudald Font, Hiszpania 2017, 14′

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