Gay Shorts I

What I Think (Ce que je pense)

“My great torment in this existence comes from the fact that I am eternally alone, and all my efforts, all my actions are directed toward escaping this solitude.”

From “Solitude” Guy de Maupassant

reż: Kevin Capelle, Thomas Devouge, scen: Kevin Capelle, obs: Kevin Capelle, muz: Hadrien Bonardo, Francja 2017, 4′


David returns home from war and discovers that a lot of things have changed since his father’s death. Raised in a conservative, religious home David has to deal with an unexpected discovery that his younger brother James is gay. He has only one night to decide if he should abandon his faith or lose another family member.

reż: Joseph Longo, scen: Joseph Longo, Carlotta Harlan, obs: Barbara Sukowa, Hannah Arendt, Nicholas Goldreich, Brandon Burtis, USA 2016, 22′

Dylan Dylan

Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s adopted son, died a couple months ago. The men cannot cope with the loss and their pain, trying to understand each other’s feelings.

reż, scen: Sylvain Coisne, zdj: Simon Filliot, muz: Simon Meuret, obs: Vincent Marie, Matthieu Dahan, Francja 2017, 17′

Event Horizon

Gabriel discovers that he is HIV-positive and decides to tell everybody.

reż, scen: Gil Baroni, obs: Gabriel Comicholi, Arline Luiza Kreia, Dani Costa, Juliana Davanso, Maicon Santini, Brazylia 2016, 15′


This movie shows the transformation of a performing artist in his/her every move on stage. Its starts with the artist tearing apart the veil the society has ritually hidden him/her behind. With every step he/she cuts the umbilical cord, with every single motion the artist creates his/her new shape. The performer remakes his/her new identity over and over again during the process.

reż, scen: Zehra Gokcimen, Gokce Oraloglu, zdj: Nusret Emre Bilgin, Turcja 2017, 4′


Gay Rick is deaf and he works as an adult porn actor. This short documentary tells a story of a young man who overcomes his disability and weaknesses, finding his physical and mental freedom while starring in adult porn movies.

reż: Jan-Peter Horstmann, zdj: Manuel David Schamberger, muz: Anna Kühlein, Niemcy 2017, 17′

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