Air (Luft)

When Manja meets a rebel Louk who is on the run from huntsmen in the woods she quickly falls in love. Louk has her own credo: no lies, no traces, no fear. Manja joins the brave woman on her mission. But when she discovers that Louk’s idealism results from the painful loss of her mother, Manja helps her new lover deal with sad memories. She also learns to make a peace with her own past. “Air” is a cinematic poem telling a story of unconditional love and a pure heart.


Anatol Schuster,


Anatol Schuster, Britta Schwem,


Julian Krubasik,


Henrik Ajax,


Anna Brodskaja-Bomke, Peter Cieslinski, Jakob D’Aprile, Lara Feith, Mélanie Fouché, Paula Hüttisch, Marija Kandic, Matthias Neukirch, Franziska Rieck, Melanie Straub,

Niemcy 2017, 91′

    films-2018: The Repertoire

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