The last and, at the same time, the most personal film of Amos Guttman’s. The main character, Jonathan, moves to Tel Aviv. He wants to be with Miki, a young soldier, who is constantly cheating o... Read More
After the passing of their mother, the siblings leave their home and travel to Tel Aviv, where they intend to start a new life. They meet Apolonia, the owner of Bar 51, who offers them help and work. ... Read More
Guttman’s film debut from 1983. It was a first film about Israeli gay people. The main character is Rubi, who lives with his grandmother and works in a grocery shop. He is obsessed with films an... Read More
Apollo Apollo is a teenager lost in the world posessed by the cult of body, gender norms and the determinants of normality. He wants to be a real man. To have a perfect body, be strong and hung…... Read More
Potrzeba Everyone needs something. Usually something different… The main character of the movie discovers what it is exactly that the two of his friends need from him. reż i scen: Wojciech Olchowsk... Read More
Six authentic stories about a diverse sex people with bodily dysfunctions have. The main characters have different sexual orientations and preferences. However, they are connected by the social exclus... Read More
Four lesbians, two couples, one afternoon, a nice lunch. What can potentially go wrong? Nothing? Something can… An anonymous piece of paper lands on the table. The piece of paper says: ‘If we’re... Read More
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Holiday. Worst days of the year? Brimming of phony feelings and attempts at staying on track with diet. Spent with a family, far from what saves us on a daily basis – a cell phone. When a phone can... Read More