About Us

Dear All
This year, it is the 8th time that we will be celebrating the films and culture of queer. We will encounter images that directly display stories of people who are not hetero nor cis gender; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual, drag queens and all of those who define their identity by being different.
The concept of queer is continuously shaping our culture and awareness of the modern man; the diversity, multi-dimensional freedom and purpose. The festival represents this very diversity and reminds us that it is worth celebrating. It brings us closer to the world that we are often longing for. The world of freedom and equality, respect for our rights and identities but also the opportunities that often remain only in our dreams.
In our reality, we pay a particular interest to the available information, documentation and reporting of our world, the world that we wish to continuously discover and above all, understand. The film makers also create their own visions in forms of documentaries and cinematographic features that don’t necessarily aim to find the right answer but perhaps to ask the right question. Thus, it is for these reasons that we have decided to include a higher number of documentaries into the repertoire. We are raising questions about same-sex marriage, transsexuality and exclusions within the LGBT+ community.
We are all different but we are equally important!

See you in the cinemas!

Warszawa 21–27.04, Kinoteka
Poznań 21–26.04, Kino Muza
Łódź 21–27.04, Kino Bodo
Gdańsk 28.04–4.05, Klub Żak
Łódź 4–13.05, Kino Przytulne
Wrocław 21 i 28 kwietnia, DKF Politechnika Wrocławska
Wrocław 21.04–07.05, Kino Nowe Horyzonty
Kraków 8–11.05, Kino Pod Baranami
Katowice 11–19.05, Kino Kosmos