She is a student in Saint Petersburg. He is the last German Emperor and king of Prussia. She gives birth to a baby after a baby, pregnant all the time, addicted to opium-based painkillers.  He is homosexual and lives very interesting life. This poetical, almost oneiric movie based on actual events tells a story of a young woman’s life in 19th century Europe. The film was shot in Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Warsaw, Stockholm, Gothenburg and a Lithuanian village of Švenčionys.

reż, scen: Małga Kubiak, zdj: Małga Kubiak, Mats Lundell, muz: Ars Sonor, obs: Caroline Lopatynsky, Thomas Goersch, Piotr Olszowski, Marta Konarzewska, Marcin Przepierowski, Dominika Biernat, Miro Kamiński, Marta Dobosz, Johan Hamrin, Katarzyna Jaśkiewicz, Andrzej Słodkowski i inni, Polska 2018, 280′

Work in progress. The movie will be shown in two parts: Part I (140 min) an Part II (140 min).