Mathias was born as Magda. He doesn’t want his new coworkers to learn the truth about his past. He is sure his transition was the right decision but he still has to face its aftereffects and many problems. Also his relationship with his long-term partner Marie is not going well…

reż: Clara Stern, scen: Clara Stern, Johannes Höß, Austria 2017, 30′

Sunken Plum

A transgender Chinese woman lives in a big city and works in a nightclub. Once she learns about her mother’s death, as the only “son” she feels obligated to return to her home high in the mountains. It means of course she needs to hide her true self from her beloved ones for a time being.

reż, scen: Roberto F. Canuto, Xu Xiaoxi, zdj: Guo Yong, muz: Andrea Centazzo, obs: Gu Xiang, Yu Yinmeng, Tian Peng, Hiszpania/Chiny 2017, 20′