Aunty Elfi makes a visit (Besuch von Tante Elfi)

Sonja has just moved in with her girlfriend Michi but Michi already invited her rich aunt to visit, planning to tap the old lady for some money. It’s of course Sonja who has to take care of Elfi. Both women clearly don’t get along from the start. They get into a serious argument and Aunt Elfi suddenly faints on the kitchen floor. Sonja panics and calls her friend Katrin for help. Katrin is distracted by motionless Elfi’s striking resemblance to French actress Catherine Deneuve and gets herself and Sonja locked out of the apartment. Only quite-possibly-dead Elfi and a very hungry cat are inside…

reż, scen: Moana Bauer, muz: Giovanni Berg, obs: Karin Thaler, Isabel Kott, Sina Wilke, James Newton, Teresa Rizos, Niemcy 2017, 23′

Café Desvelado

A few days before leaving the country, Pia throws a goodbye party. However, her girlfriend Nina doesn’t want to say goodbye to her and plans their long-distance relationship. A sleepless night and many cups of coffee will make them discuss the future of their relationship.

reż, scen: Pamela Castillo, zdj: Lucía Silva, muz: Bruno Espinoza, obs: Fiorella Pennano, Camila Ferrer, Peru 2017, 9′

Dance with a Maiden

Nolwaldle is a dancer. Her religious, homophobic family locks her in her room as a preparation for the traditional initiation. However, she sneaks out every night to rehearse for an important performance with her dance partner and lover. When Nolwaldle cannot secretly leave her house anymore, she asks her lover to become her initiation maiden and stay with her in the room constantly for seven days.

reż, scen: Thishiwe Ziqubu, obs: Zikhona Bali, Mandisa Nduna, Nolwazi Shange, Simo Magwaza, RPA 2017, 24′


Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are old ladies who live in western Catalonia. Every day they sit on their favorite bench to gossip. When a couple of young girls arrives to the village, they quickly become the very main topic of ladies’ conversations. Old matrons discuss the origin, age and life style of the newcomers. Soon their talking awakes long forgotten feelings from the past.

reż, scen: Marta González, zdj: Cristóbal Franco, muz: Daniel Ruiz, obs: Aida Flix, Aida Qui, Maria Pijuan, Olga Masot, Marisol Lavin, Franses de Dios, Hiszpania 2017, 8′

Naughty Amelia Jane

In this satire on social convention, we see two women who clearly come from different backgrounds: a mighty political clan and a small, conservative family. Both women need to deal with an ‘appropriate behavior’ notion. Once we become familiar with their past, it can be concluded that they used to be lovers.

reż, scen: Risheeta Agrawal, zdj: Deep Metkar, muz: Sanidhya Bohra, obs: Fohzan Khamsehpour, Maellika Hani Eberhard, Eva Stepankova, Vera Karolina Simova, Indie/Czechy 2017, 12′


This film tells a story of two teenage girls spending their summer in a Hasidic camp. They want to maintain their purity but once they find a forbidden book and follow its pages they start to explore their sexuality. But are they ready for such sexual awakening?

reż, scen: Pearl Gluck, zdj: Lauretta Prevost, muz: Lisa Gutkin, obs: Juliet Brett, Emmy James, Thea Mccartan, USA 2017, 18′


Actress Manuela will do anything to get a desired role.

reż, scen: Fabia Castro, zdj: Daniel Ocanto, muz: Ombligo Band, obs: Fabia Castro, Marian Arahuetes, Paula Foncea, Hiszpania 2017, 4′


Mar and Xara meet up deep in the woods. They are ready to escape far away.

reż, scen: Nerea Castro Andreu, zdj:  Eva Diaz, muz: Alberto Torre, obs: Valeria Alonso, Marta Nieto, Hiszpania 2016, 15′