Apollo is a teenager lost in the world posessed by the cult of body, gender norms and the determinants of normality. He wants to be a real man. To have a perfect body, be strong and hung…

reż: Loic Dimitch, obs: Victor Laupin, zdj: Olivier Weinheimer, muz: Etienne DosSantos & Pascal Boudet, 8′, Francja 2016, komedia, dramat


Berlin, a bar, a woman and a man. The story begins. The tension is rising. Emotions turn into desire. Who is who in this erotic melange? A short-feature about crossing the gender of the writer and performer Bernhard Kempen.

reż: Bernhard Kempen, obs: Bernhard Kempen, Malga Kubiak, Bonaventura, zdj: Daria Infanti, muz: Frankie Flowerz, 9′, Niemcy 2017, obyczajowy

Premiere at 8. LGBT Film Festival 2017

Curtain Down

An incredible story focusing on the society norms, gender predestination, identity, the competition between the youth and senescence, beauty with ugliness. Curtain Down puts the heteronormativity to test, but above all, seeks an answer to the question of how we perceive gender in the contemporary society.

reż: Emett Casey, obs: Tristan Scott – Behrends, Margaret Cho, Matthew Dunlop, 17′, UK 2016, dramat


The gender binary is a curse. Especially for a boy who doesn’t understand why he cannot be a girl. Alessandra, full of kindness and empathy wants to help the world, even though the world refuses to perceive her as human.

reż: Florian Halbedl, scen: Florian Halbedl, Joshua M. Ferguson, obs: Ameko Eks Mass Carroll, Laura Mennell, Lorne Cardinal, Chelsey Reist, Jim Shield, zdj: Mark Berlet, 15′, Kanada 2016, dramat

Mario, Kike y David

Mario and Kike see each other for sex. The no-strings-attached kind of pleasure turns into something different entirely…

reż i scen: Miguel Lafuente, obs: Gustavo Rojo, Almagro San Miguel, Mariu Bárcena, zdj: Pancho Matienzo, muz: Diego Gómez, Juan Carlos Arribas, 20′, Hiszpania 2016, dramat


A story of an orphaned boy, who does everything in his power to attract the attention of his potential foster parents. His everyday life in the orphanage is an imaginary friendship with a doll, Shala.

reż i scen: João Inácio, obs: Tiago de Assis, Juliana Sinimbú, Bruno Carreira, Izabelli Vilhena, zdj: Pancho Matienzo, muz: Paulo José Campos de Melo, zdj: Katia Coelho, 11′, Brazylia 2016, dramat