Four lesbians, two couples, one afternoon, a nice lunch. What can potentially go wrong? Nothing? Something can… An anonymous piece of paper lands on the table. The piece of paper says: ‘If we’re all so happy, who wants to kill oneself?’ A detective mystery that is filled with misunderstandings, mysteries, and hidden secrets. It divulges real feelings, which might not seem pleasant to the members of this friendly, little gang. A comedy of suspicions and language battles, an intelligent play, which has one basic rule: ‘who am I and who are you?’ There is no ‘we’ in this question.

reż: Carly Usdin, scen: Brittani Nichols, obs: Brianna Baker, Lindsay Hicks, Hayley Huntley, Brittani Nichols, Jasika Nicole, zdj: Robin Roemer, muz: Mauricio Escamilla, 78′, USA 2017, komedia