Everyone needs something. Usually something different…
The main character of the movie discovers what it is exactly that the two of his friends need from him.

reż i scen: Wojciech Olchowski, obs: Przemek Furdak, Maciej Rabski,
Joanna Sobocińska, zdj: Wojciech Olchowski, muz: “Everything’s Ahead”- So I’m Jo, “Gold”- Zoe.LeelA, 5′, Polska 2016, obyczajowy

Kim… But inside in the dark I’m aching to be free

A story of Kim Lee shows that there is no one perfect solution for being happy and that every person should set the rules for achieving happiness on their own.

reż i scen: Magdalena Wieczorek, 10′, Polska 2017, dokument 


The film was inspired by Marek Hłasko’s narrative „Miesiąc Matki Boskiej”.
The main character is a Polish nationalist, who is against any otherness which, in his opinion, contradicts his ideals.

reż i scen: Mateusz Żegliński, obs: Piotr Bumaj, Adam Kuzycz, Tomasz Koszański, zdj: Konrad Wujciów, 13′, Polska 2016, dramat

Mój koniec świata

After a few years of a relationship, Eryk leaves Filip and disappears into thin air. Filip is unable to handle the new situation and instead of living his life, waits for a sign of his beloved. Little does he know that the future will bring a lot of reflection, change and breakthrough decisions. How long are we able to fight for our first love? Does such a fight make sense when we feel there’s no feeling left? These are the questions Filip seeks to answer on his way to a new beginning.

reż i scen: Kamil Krawczycki, obs: Bartosz Ostrowski, Karol Kubasiewicz, Paweł Dobek, Magdalena Kaczmarek, Lena Schimscheiner, Katarzyna Herman, zdj: Michał Kidawa, Alicja Gancarz, 33′, Polska 2017, dramat

Premiere at 8. LGBT Film Festival 2017