Parents and families of gays and lesbians constitute a collective main character of the movie. We’re listening to a polyphony of voices laced with shock and terror when a mother or a father finds out about the homosexual orientation of their child. Over the course of time and at the cost of immense struggles, parents’ attitudes evolve. Relations become reevaluated, the source of suffering seems to be divergent from the psychosexual orientation of the child. The titular “Moje jest inne” is endowed with a question mark. Bold solutions in the formal layer of the movie underscore the feelings of besetment and isolation. The poignant narration helps manifest the switch in the perception of homosexuality, which took place in the collective consciousness of Poles over the course of the last couple of decades.

reż: Antoni Pałka, zdj: Michał Pałka-Keff, muz: Paweł Zawiślak, montaż: Marcin Szymański, produkcja: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, Unlimited Film Operations, 47′, Polska 2016, dokument

Premiere at 8. LGBT Film Festival 2017