After a few years of relationship, Eryk leaves Filip and sinks without a trace. Filip doesn’t know how to cope with this new situation and put everything in on the backburner, waiting for his boyfriend to give him any sign. He’s yet to find out that the new day will bring plenty of reflections, changes and groundbreaking decisions. How long are we able to fight for our first love? Does this fight have any sense when we feel everything has faded away? These are the questions Filip wants to find the answers to by heading towards the new beginning.

reż i scen: Kamil Krawczycki, obs: Bartosz Ostrowski, Karol Kubasiewicz, Paweł Dobek, Magdalena Kaczmarek, Lena Schimscheiner, Katarzyna Herman, zdj: Michał Kidawa, Alicja Gancarz, 40′, Polska 2017, dramat

Premiere at 8. LGBT Film Festival 2017