Kiki means party, not a usual one, but the one at which you can be whoever you want. Young, Afro-American LGBT+ New Yorkers rid themselves of their everyday personalities and personate figures they want to be. And then they dance.
25 yeas from the moment when voguing became a world-wide phenomenon because of documentary “Paris is burning” and Madonna, who introduced the elements of this culture in video clip for her song “Vogue” New York ballroom stage completely changed. Voguing blended into mainstream, and young LGBT+ people of color from the slums needed to seek a safe sphere. This sphere is Kiki Scene, a brand new subculture. The documentary shows the world of a great joy, fun and laughter, and their consequences as well.

reż: Sara Jordenö, scen: Sara Jordenö, Twiggy Pucci Garcon, obs: Chi Chi Mizrahi, Christopher Waldorf, Divo Pink Lady, Gia Marie Love, Izana “Zariya” Vidal, Kenneth “Symba McQueen” Soler-Rios, Twiggy Pucci Garçon, zdj: Naiti Gámez, muz: Michael Cox, 94′, Szwecja/USA 2016, dokument

Nagrody: Teddy – Najlepszy Film Dokumentalny, Berlinale 2016. Nominacja: Najlepszy Film Dokumentalny, Sundance Film Festival 2016