“You have to be feminine.” If you do not comply with that requirement, it means trouble. In case of butch lesbians, the problem of double exclusion is portrayed with distance and humor, but quite seriously in „Gender Troubles: The Butches.”
Society accepts only those who do not stand out from the crowd. Does les woman have to comply with oppressive standards of patriarchal heteronormativity? Even if they do not match her own opinions?
The stories of non-heteronormative women, their relationships with their family and friends, their status at work and in their neighborhood, and for the most part, the problems they have to struggle with in their own environment, which is sometimes weird and doubly hostile.

reż i scen: Lisa Plourde, obs: Lenn Heller, Sasha T. Goldberg, Stacy Reed, Alison Dailey, Lisa Plourde, Angie Evans, 55′, USA 2016, dokument

Audience Award – Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival 2016