Why was it impossible to pass the law on formalizing single-sex marriages?

The title of a full-length documentary refers to art. 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. The article stipulates that marriage, understood as a relationship of a woman and a man, is subject to protection. According to many opponents of the new regulations, it means that it is impossible to regulate single-sex relationships in any way.
The film features many prominent experts, prof. Ewa Łętowska, prof. Monika Płatek, Agnieszka Graff, prof. Lew Starowicz, Agnieszka Holland among others.
“Artykuł Osiemnasty” not only comments on the rights of LGBT+ people, but on the Polish democracy and public debate in modern Poland in particular.
reż: Bartosz Staszewski,
scen: Hubert Sobecki, Sławomir Wodzyński,
zdj: Bartosz Staszewski, Inga Pawłowska,
wywiady: Ewa Tomaszewicz, Sławomir Wodzyński,
75′, Polska 2017, dokument

Premier at 8. LGBT Film Festival 2017

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